Gold Coast Zen Meditation

December 2, 2013


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By practising the correct meditation, we can find the correct direction of our lives and attain our True Nature. We can also clearly perceive our correct situation, relationship, and function at every moment, live in wisdom and compassion, to help our families, our friends, our country and this whole world to gain peace and happiness. More than 2000 years ago, Indian Buddhism went to China. There it met Chinese Taoism. They got married and had a baby. The baby’s name is “Chan” (korean “Seon”, japanese “Zen”).
The teaching of Chan is very direct and simple and its direction is very clear. What am I?
If we look deeply into this question we will find that we do not know. This “don’t know” mind is very important.
It is before thinking, our True Nature and Universal Substance. Attaining this point, you and everything become one. Then your mind become clear like space. Everything is reflected in your mind. You can see, hear, smell, taste and feel clearly. The sky is blue, trees are green. The dog barks wow wow. Sugar is sweet. Everything is just the way it is, the truth.
Then one more step is necessary. How does the Truth function correctly and make a correct human life?
You must keep the correct situation, relationship, and function moment to moment. When you are hungry, just eat. When you are thirsty, just drink. When someone is hungry, what can you do? Give them some food. When someone is suffering, what can you do? Help them. In Buddhism we call this Great Love, Great Bhodhisattva Way.
It is special, but not special. It is just a correct human being’s life. Nowadays people have lost their correct direction – only striving for food, sleep, sex, money and fame. Chan means finding again our True Nature and the purpose of human life. – Zen Master Dae Bong


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