Gold Coast Zen Meditation

February 9, 2014

The Relevance of Buddhism

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The spirit of free enquiry is an important feature of Buddhism.  The Buddha encouraged peope to investigate the truth of His Teaching for themselves before accepting it.  He never expected people to practise his Teaching out of blind faith, and superstition.  People should only practice what they find to be beneficial physically and mentally.

Buddhism stresses the need for self-reliance and individual effort.  Each person must work out for himself the way to end suffering and attain happiness.  It is his own actions that determne his future.  His destiny is not determined by any external power or agent. This means that each man is responsbile for his own actions.  A person can progress or develop as much as his own effort allow.  Through dedication, self-discipline and wise judgement, he can search the highest gods of life.

Because Buddhism respects the rights of people to enquire freely and to choose for themselves, it is tolerant towards other faiths.  Buddhism teaches one to live in harmony with all, regardless of race or religion. 

Buddhism recognises that all living being are equal.  It teaches universal loving-kindness and compassion  not   only to all men  but also to all other creatures.  All living being, men and animals alike share a common environment. If men want to live happily in this world, they must have concern for the welfare of others.

There is no conflict between modern scientific discoveries of today and the Buddha’s Teaching.  Many thinkg that the Buddha taught about 2,500 years ago have been proven true by modern science.  The importance and the power of the mind, the impermanence of things, the divisibility of the atom, the relativity of matter and energy, and even the structure of the universe – all these are contained in the Buddha’s Teaching.  So a Buddhist does not have to ignore the facts about man and the universe that are gradually being revealed by science.

The Buddha’s life and His Teachings, as explained in forthcoming chapters will inspire one to develop self-reliance, moral responsibility, tolerance, compassion and wisdom and other moral qualities.  These qualities will enrich one’s life and make it more meaningful to today’s world.




  1. Hi, do you have a meeting place on the Gold Coast? I’ve just moved here.

    Comment by Amanda — March 14, 2014 @ 3:28 am

  2. Amanda, zen meditation session is held every Wednesday. Please check website “” for information.

    Comment by Gold Coast Zen Meditation Group — March 15, 2016 @ 11:50 am

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