Gold Coast Zen Meditation

December 7, 2016

Diamond Sutra in Our lives

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The unreality of phenomena distinction

Very important for Buddha in practice /non Buddhist

Can the Buddha be understood by this perfectly formed body

Merely called a perfectly formed boy

  • Phenomenal characteristics are not really such. They are called phenomenal characteristics.

A True Buddha does not have a particular form. Throw away Buddha, Throw away God.

When you see, just see

When you hear, just hear

When you smell, just smell

When you touch, just touch

When you feel, just feel

It does make an Idea. It does not say this or that

Don’t make anything.  If you want Buddha, Kill the Buddha.

What is Buddha? – Idol is image for children

What you see, hear, smell, taste, touch.  Just like that – that is Buddha.




Absolute Reality is the only Foundation

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What is absolute reality?   Hear the making of Sound

You don’t live anywhere but here this moment.

MERIT is doing great thigs –  charity, helping poor people , helping sick people

Benefit of that is Great/Huge but still it is Empty because we are attach to the merit we get or not get.

Empty doesn’t mean Gone.  But because it is Empty it is Great, that is why it is great.

If it had a form or weight or colour, the merit you get, you will be measuring it.

True Merit – Its Empty so its great.  You cannot conceive it. It has no beginning, no end. It cannot be limited by time or space.

The Experience of That

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You can’t describe it – that is Buddha

The Experience of That – That’s Thatagatha

All modes of mind are only one mind.  Does Buddha possess all-knowing eye

Does Tahagatha possess eye of transcendent  wisdom

5 Kinds of EYE: perceiving nature like Kwan Say Im Buddha

  1. Human Eye (see Buddha is gold in colour)
  2. Divine Eye ( Eye that can see form – force of thought , force of thinking
  3. Prajna Eye ( View of Emptiness)
  4. Eye of Transcendent Wisdom ( knowing how to liberate other people)
  5. Buddha Eye (of Non-Duality)

Same Eye, Same Perceiving Quality

Mind is Clear – same Eye

Mind is Not Clear – anxiety/ anger/fear

Mirror is not Glass – something behind it.  Together it reflect clearly everything

This Formless moment, when you see clear, hear clear, smell clear, this experience is your life.

You can’t hold past mind, you can’t hold present mind, you can’t hold future mind. It only happens like this!  Like that!

This moment has no time, no space.  Right Here Right Now

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