Gold Coast Zen Meditation

November 14, 2017

Diamond Sutra is like a spectacle

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Diamond Sutra is like a spectacle.  If you put them on correctly, you can see clearly

Practice of Good work purifies the Mind  without differentiation

Annutara Samyak Sambuthi – is Everywhere

This Thatagatha is Everywhere without quality or quantity.  Not different in quality or quantity

That is why its called Highest Enlightenment.

Freedom from separate personal selfhood

Freedom from Ego, I, My, Me

Freedom from that idea

Freedom from that thought

Freedom from that thinking

Straightly attained by no separate personal selfhood

  • No space, we called it space. But it Is not space , it’s just name
  • Sound is just a name
  • Just hear, smell, taste, touch.
  • Its pointing right here, right now. True Nature

Diamond Sutra is not just the words on the page

Diamond Sutra is absolutely Nothing

  • If you hear this kind of teachings, and isn’t frightened or shocked, intimidated, disturbed, frightened, confused, that means you have good karma. You realize something from many lifetimes of practice.
  • You cannot experience that , you have approached this truth from many lifetimes of practice . One more step is necessary.

The incomparable merit of this Teaching

Ie: you are not attached to name or form of Buddha.

All Highest Teaching is contained in this POINT


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